I ran a marathon (just!)

Running a marathon has always been one of my life goals, and for some reason, 2013 was my chosen year. GULP! My sister Leah also has this life goal, so we both started researching a suitable event. One on a Saturday and mid-year to give us time to train. After a freezing spring, an ill child and logistical problems between my husband and I, let’s just say: training didn’t exactly go to plan.

When the weather started picking up at the beginning of April, it was so much easier to get motivated and I accomplished some great runs. I was feeling great about everything until we received the route two weeks before the event. 27.4 miles instead of 26.2 miles? GULP. Mostly off road? GULP. Difficultly rating=strenuous? GULP. The last half is a steady up hill climb? GULP. It’s going to be windy? GULP. Barely any spectators? Who’s idea was this in the first place? Overwhelmed was an understatement. If I hadn’t paid the entrance money I would have given up there and then, but I’m too tight to throw money away (in true Yorkshire style).

So on Saturday 4th May 2013 – my sister Leah, my hubs Jared and I completed the North York Moors Marathon! JUST.

Before we knew what was coming!
Before we knew what was to come!

Words cannot describe how awful it was. Hill after moor after hill after stream after gate after steps after hill after hill after steps after steps…it was completely relentless. I have no idea how I managed to finish it.  I was in so much pain and I am so glad it is done.  I can enjoy running again and get back to my normal eating habits without all the carbs.

The idea of a flat road marathon sounds like pure bliss, which would have been impossible to comprehend two days ago. On a positive note, the sun was glorious, the wind welcome and the scenery breathtaking. Feeling very happy, slightly shocked at my naivety and in a lot of pain!

A happy moment when I saw my Mum & she gave me a milk bottle!
A happy moment when I saw my Mum & she gave me a milk bottle sweet!
One mile to go!
Looking sunburnt and dishevelled with one mile to go!

E xx



  1. 17th June 2013 / 10:32 am

    Hey Becky! I just printed off the beginners marathan programme that Bupa do. It says to do 4 runs a week but I spoke to a lot of people and they said that 3 runs a week is sufficent (short, short, lobg). It builds up slowly then tails off to ensure your muscles won’t be too tired in the lead up to the event. I was inspired by someone I met who had never even run before and they did amazingly! You can totally do it! My favourite distance is 8 miles xx

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