Why I love James Duigan – Clean and Lean

For as long as I can remember I have been the same weight, complete plateau, no change, static, even with my regular exercise and cutting down on the chocolate. This was until I discovered the book ‘Clean & Lean’ by celebrity nutritionist and coach James Duigan, which I stumbled across during a mammoth research session.

I constantly think about my weight – it’s a weird thing and sometimes such a waste of time. Why do we worry about it so much? I’ve never been thin but I’ve never been overweight – ‘chunky’ as a child (or Yorkshire pud as I was known), distinctly average, bang in the middle BMI-wise yet I would still love to be 7 pounds lighter…deemed by many the ‘last half stone’.

My family will probably be laughing right now because I talk about ‘Clean & Lean’ all the time. I love it, yet it is nothing new, just the right things, in the right order, explained properly, scientifically and practically, with meal plans, examples, recipes, written on paper, bound together and on sale through Amazon. It really appealed to me and once I received the book it was a case of streamlining the healthy diet I already had going. Small changes here and there, made easier because you understand the reasons behind them.

The basic concept is to cut the C.R.A.P. – Caffeine, Refined sugar, Alcohol and Processed food. I don’t drink caffeine or alcohol anyway, so it was a case of concentrating on refined sugar and processed foods. I’ve always found that making any dietary changes become easier after about 3 weeks – you need that time for your mind and body to adjust. At the moment I’m not following the Clean & Lean program rigidly as I’m training for a marathon so I need the extra carbs 🙁 but once it’s over I can’t wait to resume my normal diet. After just a few days it makes you feel lighter, more energetic, less bloated and the weight steadily goes.

The recipes are full of vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, herbs and protein. It is not a calorie controlled diet. Your new way of eating will only take you to your ‘perfect weight’ where you look your best. Take a peak at the reviews on Amazon to see if it’s for you- for some people it is not realistic and there will be something else out there…but for me it is the Clean & Lean way of life. James Duigan – I LOVE YOU!

E xx


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